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Raising LGBTQ+ Kids

Gen Z is the most out LGBTQ+ generation. They're growing up in a time of unprecedented visibility — but also new attacks on the community. Many parents are ready to help their kids navigate an unpredictable climate.

Andrew Solomon on ‘making your children feel loved’ and the power of parental listening.

Author Andrew Solomon's experience as both a gay child and parent provides a unique perspective on creating a family environment filled with unconditional love and acceptance.

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Young people are coming out in huge numbers. These families found beautiful ways to support their kids.

Paria Hassouri and her husband were thousands of miles from home, on vacation in Thailand, when they got a call from their daughter’s school. A teacher told them that Ava, then 13, was questioning her gender identity. When the couple returned home to Southern California, though, they found Ava wasn’t questioning so much as insisting: […]

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After more than a decade of photographing queer kids on the journey of self-discovery, Lindsay Morris advises: ‘Let them lead the way’

Photographer Lindsay Morris reflects on the impact of Camp I Am, an inclusive and welcoming space for LGBTQ and gender-fluid children.

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