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Hate influencer Chaya Raichik left sputtering when asked why she hates trans people so much

Chaya Raichik
Chaya Raichik Photo: Screenshot

Chaya Raichik – who goes by “Libs of TikTok” online – has devoted the last several years of her life to promoting hatred of LGBTQ+ people and allies, particularly hatred towards transgender people and those who support them. She regularly uses her massive online influence to mock LGBTQ+ people and calls any queer or trans person or ally who exists in the proximity of children a “groomer” or a pedophile.

But when asked to explain why she is so obsessed with trans people, she could barely get a coherent sentence out.

“If you eradicate transgenderism, which I believe you suggested in a post today-” Washington Post journalist Taylor Lorenz asked Raichik.

“I never said that,” Raichik said, cutting Lorenz off.

“Oh ok, you reposted a post that was advocating for that… What would happen to the people that have already medically, socially, completely transitioned and are leading happy lives?” Lorenz continued.

“Well, uh, the whole trans is based on a lie,” Raichik said, not really responding to the question. “You can’t change your gender.”

“They can go live their life, I mean, I can’t tell someone what to do in their house.”

“It sounds like you do want to tell people what to do in their house,” Lorenz shot back.

“I never said that,” Raichik said.

“So you’re totally OK with people being trans, just not as long as they’re in public?” Lorenz pressed.

“No, I never said that,” Raichik insisted. “They could… It’s… The whole thing is based off of a lie and I think that… Um, the fact… This lie cannot be mainstream in our, in our society. It’s just… It’s a lie.”

“And what harm is it causing, do you believe?” Lorenz asked.

“Um… I’d like the truth. I like truth,” Raichik said.

“Right, but I’m saying, what’s the harm of people expressing their gender identity differently than you believe it to be?” Lorenz asked. “What harm are they causing?”

“Um… Like I said, we are a, a, um, a nation of truth, and I’m, um, I think the truth,” Raichik responded.

Lorenz pressed her again, and Raichik said, “The harm is that there’s a lie that is very mainstream and is being embedded into every institution.”

Lorenz specified that she was looking to understand the “material harm.” That is, she wanted to know who loses something of value if trans people are accepted.

“Not anything that’s wrong is there a material harm necessarily!” Raichik said, clearly annoyed.

Then she decided to show Lorenz an image of someone performing oral sex.

Some readers noted that Raichik was wearing a t-shirt with Lorenz’s face on it, possibly as a way to troll the journalist. In 2022, Lorenz was the journalist who exposed Raichik as the person behind the Libs of TikTok Twitter account.

Elsewhere in the interview, Raichik pushed the white supremacist and antisemitic “Great Replacement theory,” which is the idea that elites are attempting to demographically and culturally replace white Americans by allowing people of color to immigrate to the U.S. Depending on the version of the conspiracy theory, the “elites” are Jewish.

“There were some months over the past three years that there were more illegals coming into our border than children being born in the U.S.,” Raichik said. “Does that not look like they’re trying to replace us? They’re bringing in a whole new population.”

“Not all cultures are equal. They’re importing people who want to destroy America and who come here and do not stand for what America stands for.”

The Lorenz interview was published over the weekend, and Raichik was mocked online. She responded to the mockery by saying that Lorenz is “a lizard person” who “wants p*rn in schools” and is “pro mutilation and castration of minors.”

“Chaya Raichik is currently the most mad that she has ever been in her life,” one X user quipped.

The full interview is below.

Law enforcement authorities have connected Raichik to bomb threats against hospitals and schools since her online presence has, according to critics, largely been centered around calling out targets for her followers to attack. Raichik at first embraced her role as an anti-LGBTQ+ “terrorist,” saying it was a “huge achievement” for the mainstream media to report on the bomb threats. More recently, as the reports continue to pile up, Raichik has referred to such stories as a “hit piece.”

She has also used her platform to lie and say that several mass shooters were transgender when there was no evidence to support that claim. This includes the Uvalde shooter – she posted the image of an unrelated trans woman and accused her of being the person who killed 19 students and two teachers – and the Houston megachurch shooter, who Raichik said was a “trans terrorist” even though the shooter was cisgender.

In a previous interview that got traction on social media this past week, Raichik said about being called a “stochastic terrorist”: “Honestly, like, that makes me feel really important.”

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