Candace Owens suspended from YouTube over hateful anti-LGBTQ+ content

Candace Owens suspended from YouTube over hateful anti-LGBTQ+ content
Photo: Daily Wire's Candace Owens screenshot

Right-wing troll Candace Owens has been suspended from YouTube again.

Owens’ sometime Daily Wire co-host Michael Knowles made the announcement on the channel’s “Backstage” set, which he regularly shares with the far-right podcaster.

“YouTube, you see, hates us,” explains Knowles. “And with its vague – some are calling them tyrannical – guidelines, and their proclivity to censor conservative voices, has once again banned my friend Candace.”

The ban, he says, prohibits the Owens “from posting or appearing on any of the Daily Wire’s YouTube channels.” He did not explain how long her suspension would last.

Nor did Knowles cite a particular instance of hate speech responsible for getting Owens kicked off the platform for a third time this year, but the ban did raise the possibility she could be permanently suspended if the timing met YouTube’s three-strikes in 90 days threshold.

YouTube would only say in a statement: “We issued a strike to the Candace Owens Podcast channel for violating our hate speech policy, which prohibits content promoting hatred against protected individuals or groups, including the LGBTQ+ community.”

This summer, the gay-baiting online provocateur has been hot on the idea that sexual abuse is at the root of homosexuality, declaring “groomers” responsible for the vast majority of same-sex attraction.

It’s all about the neural pathways, according to the college dropout and former Vogue intern.

“You say you’re a homosexual? Well, be an honest homosexual about what your community is bringing forth into this culture,” Owens declares in one provocative video published by Media Matters.

Trauma and social contagion are responsible for homosexuality in Owens’ telling, while “perhaps a very, very, very small minute group of people are born homosexual in the same way that a very small minute group of people are born with gender dysphoria.”

Claims like that and others in a video titled “Is Carlee Russell The Female Jussie Smollet?!” which has been removed from Owens’ channel, and the interview “Is Homosexuality Ruining Western Civilization?” are among hundreds of hours of hateful speech that could have earned the hack host another YouTube vacation.

Owens has a long history of anti-LGBTQ+ invective.

Owens has accused So You Think You Can Dance judge JoJo Siwa of pretending to be gay for clicks, said she’d beat her own grandchild if they came out as trans, has attacked Dwayne Wade’s trans daughter, out soccer legend Megan Rapinoe and Lil Nas X, and falsely associated trans people with mass shootings in Memphis and Texas.

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