Anti-LGBTQ+ Miss USA runner-up Carrie Prejean trashes soccer icon Megan Rapinoe as a “narcissist”

Megan Rapinoe/Carrie Prejean
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Carrie Prejean Boller and Megyn Kelly trashed Megan Rapinoe as the out women’s soccer star and activist retired from the sport.

In July, the two-time World Cup champ announced her intention to retire at the end of the National Women’s Soccer League’s 2023 season. On Sunday, she played her last game with the team in Chicago, beating South Africa in a 2–0 match.

Boller joined Kelly on her SiriusXM show earlier this week, and the two took the opportunity to lob insults at Rapinoe.

“Here’s Megan Rapinoe on her last middle finger to the United States, which made her rich, which gave her a college scholarship, which gave her $7 million a year, reportedly, in endorsements and fees for playing soccer for us on her swan song out the door,” Kelly said before rolling a clip of Rapinoe during the National Anthem at Sunday’s match.

Kelly described Rapinoe as “scowling with her hands behind her back” as singer Sa’Rayah performed “The Star-Spangled Banner.”

“She doesn’t sing one word, she doesn’t touch her heart. She looks angry,” Kelly continued.

In fact, the footage merely showed Rapinoe looking ahead, straight-faced. She was also far from the only person without her hand over her heart and no one else in the clip appeared to be singing along.

Nevertheless, former Miss USA contestant and anti-LGBTQ+ activist Boller described Rapinoe as a “narcissist.”

“She is the epitome of narcissism, in my opinion,” Boller said. “I mean, think of all the privileges she’s had. Think of all the money that she’s made. ‘Oh, she’s so oppressed and she’s standing up for things.’ No, she’s not. She’s an absolute national disgrace to our country. And most normal people in this, in this country agree with that, that they can’t stand that woman. I’m so glad that she’s done playing soccer. She’s ruined women’s soccer.”

Kelly went on to rant that Rapinoe is not “grateful” for having received the Presidential Medal of Freedom from President Joe Biden or for having her relationship with WNBA player Sue Bird “celebrated by virtually every magazine and in every media corner.”

“She sets a terrible example for our little girls,” Kelly said. “She is no role model, good riddance.”

In addition to her career in soccer, Rapinoe has been an outspoken LGBTQ+ advocate, speaking out for trans women and girls’ right to play on women’s and girls’ sports teams. Right-wing media has ratcheted up its criticism of Rapinoe in recent months, following the U.S. women’s national team’s loss to Sweden during the 2023 Women’s World Cup this summer.

Following the August 6 match, former President Donald Trump took to his social media platform Truth Social to blame Rapinoe and “woke” for the team’s defeat. “Many of our players were openly hostile to America – No other country behaved in such a manner, or even close. WOKE EQUALS FAILURE,” Trump wrote. “Nice shot Megan, the USA is going to Hell!!! MAGA.”

Prejean, the former Miss California USA 2009, became a martyr for Christian conservatives when she said she believed “that marriage should be between a man and a woman” at the 2009 Miss USA pageant. Footage from the pageant was later used in ads by the anti-LGBTQ National Organization for Marriage (NOM).

Boller returned to the spotlight two years ago, advocating against mask mandates in Encinitas schools. Her Instagram account shows that she is committed to a variety of far-right causes and conspiracy theories. She believes that Donald Trump won the 2020 elections, she opposes the COVID-19 vaccines, and, as several recent posts show, she is still thinking about how she didn’t win that pageant in 2009.

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