A heartwarming photo of a boy in a dress has given the internet a case of the awws

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When a proud mom posted a photo of their son to X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, they had no idea it would hit everyone straight in the heart. The cute kiddo is wearing a dress and headed off to school.

And like any good parent, Jayme Bean included a warning that “if any person says anything to him other than ‘I love your dress’ or ‘you look so pretty,’ I will metaphorically burn the whole system to the ground.”

The response to the photo was so overwhelming they had to include a tweet that she wouldn’t be able to read them all and had to mute the reactions. And once the group of anti-trans activists started their usual hateful nonsense, Mom also had a message for them.

“This officially moved far outside of my normal bubble of 10 people and into the realm of terfs. If you’re bothered, that’s cool. It doesn’t bother me any if you don’t like my parenting choices. I don’t like lots of other parents’ choices myself. As I tell my kid: just be kind.”

Now that’s good parenting.

After other users started responding, the whole thread became one giant lovefest. If you’re feeling down today, it’s a must for a pick-me-up.

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