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Libs of TikTok posts lead to bomb threats against public schools

Chaya Raichik, who goes by Libs Of TikTok Photo: Fox Nation screenshot

Social media posts by anti-LGBTQ+ activist Chaya Raichik Raichik – who goes by “Libs of TikTok” online — have led to bombing threats against schools in Oklahoma and California. The bomb threats are just the latest ones that Raichik has inspired in her campaign of stochastic terrorism against LGBTQ+- and racially-inclusive educators.

Union Public Schools near Tulsa, Oklahoma received bomb threats on six consecutive school days one week after Ryan Walters, Oklahoma’s superintendent of public schools, re-tweeted a Libs of TikTok video showing an elementary school librarian joking about being “just not quite finished pushing [her] woke agenda at public school” despite other teachers in her state “dropping like flies.”

Walters — who wants to ban LGBTQ+ books but teach the Bible in public school history classes — wrote in an August 22 tweet, “Democrats say it doesn’t exist. The liberal media denies the issue. Even some Republicans hide from it. Woke ideology is real and I am here to stop it.”

Union Public Schools said they received anonymous bomb threats that mentioned targeting “specific schools, its administrative offices, staff home addresses, and a local office of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives,” NBC News reported.

One of the threats read, “You will stop pushing this woke ideology or we will bomb every school in the union district.”

The threats led to the evacuation of nearly 5,000 students as district schools increased security and police conducted bomb sweeps. Though the threats were deemed as not credible, the Tulsa Police Department, Broken Arrow Police Department, and FBI are all investigating.

John Federline, assistant superintendent of Union Public Schools, stood up for the librarian, stating, “[The librarian] clearly said that her radical agenda was teaching kids to be kind and to love books — that’s what she said on her original post and that’s something that we would ask of all of our teachers.”

Walters’ office blamed the bombing threats on the librarian’s actions. State House Democrats have called for an impeachment probe of Walters, citing Walters’ “consistent pattern of inflammatory language aimed at our public education teachers, outright lies and targeted attacks on local control.”

Meanwhile, Chabot Elementary School in Oakland, California was locked down and searched for bombs on Tuesday morning after Libs of TikTok highlighted the school’s scheduled “Playdate Social for Black, Brown and API families” which took place last Saturday. Libs of TikTok described the event as a “race segregated ‘playdate social’ for all students except white kids.”

Hispanic/Latino, Black/African-American, and Asian/Pacific Islander students make up 29.3% of the school’s racial demographics, according to U.S. News and World Report. White students make up 49% of the school’s student body.

The group that organized the playdate event, the Chabot Equity & Inclusion Committee, wrote in a statement to KRON, “Not only have we been continuously getting hate mails, the school has been receiving calls nonstop and [former President Donald] Trump supporters and other unhinged racists have been spreading the school’s info by posting the address of our kids’ school for the whole internet to see. We have received a threat that has triggered an investigation by [Oakland Police Department] which is now being considered a hate crime.”

One of the event organizers told the aforementioned news station, “I find it very concerning that people feel the need to spread the flyer, spread false narratives about it being a ‘whites not allowed’ event. Nowhere on that flyer did it say that no one was turning anybody away at the door if they were white. Anyone could come, but the space was meant for Black, Brown and Asian families.”

Raichik’s previous posts have led to bombing and death threats against numerous schools and children’s hospitals. She has claimed that she is merely sharing information and can’t control how people respond. However, her account has echoed right-wing claims of LGBTQ+ and allies “indoctrinating,””grooming,” and “sexualizing” kids — rhetoric that leads to violence against queer people and their allies.

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