Today is LGBTQ Families Day so we’re celebrating some of our favorites.

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Today is not only the beginning of Pride Month, but it’s also the 17th annual LGBTQ Families Day.

Founded by the lesbian parenting site Mombian, the day is sponsored by Family Equality, PFLAG National, GLAAD, GLBTQ Legal Advocates & Defenders (GLAD), and COLAGE.

As explained in a press release from Family Equality, the day is purposely sandwiched between Mother’s and Father’s day to provide an alternative celebration for parents who do not fit into heteronormative structures.

Today is also the first-ever Family Equality Giving Day, a call to action from the advocacy organization in the wake of the GOP’s unrelenting war on LGBTQ+ people.

“Fifty years ago, Anita Bryant launched the ‘Save Our Children’ campaign in Florida, spewing dangerous anti-LGBTQ+ rhetoric,” a press release states. “Now, from school boards to state houses, we’re seeing the same fear-mongering narratives resurface—but we won’t let them go unchallenged. For 24 hours on June 1styou can join us in disrupting the onslaught of hatred and vitriol being hurled at the LGBTQ+ community. Together, we can shift the narrative and fight back.”

The organization is asking for donations, as well as amplification of its mission.

Shelbi Day, Family Equality’s Chief Policy Officer, recently told LGBTQ Nation that one of the best ways to combat anti-LGBTQ+ hate is to share our stories.

“Sharing our stories – especially the simple joys of parenting and being a family – help others understand our families and our need and desire to protect our children by ensuring that we have equitable avenues to find, form, and protect our families.”

So to honor this day of celebration, giving, and Pride, here are seven LGBTQ+ families sharing their love and joy every day.

Moms of Triplets

Courtney and Sabrina chronicle their wonderful (and chaotic) lives raising triplets.

Travel Dads

Through their blog, Chris and Rob Taylor hope to “inspire LGBTQ families to go beyond their usual getaways and use travel to learn about and be part of a bigger world.” Their Instagram account showcases their nonstop family adventures.

Trans Love

Jake & Hannah Graf are both transgender and have been called “The UK’s most influential LGBT Power Couple.” Jake is a director, writer, actor, and activist; in 2013, Hannah became one of the highest tanking trans soldiers in the British Army after coming out. On Instagram, they chronicle life with their two kids.

Young Fathers of Two… Going on Three

According to Terrell and Jarius, they were the youngest Black gay couple to conceive via surrogacy. At 22, they had twins, and they now share their lives with their 360 thousand followers. Two weeks ago, they also announced a new baby on the way.

Single Gay Dad

Widower José Rolón is a single gay father of three. Using the handle @nycgaydad across social media, he shares delightful and hilarious videos he makes with his kids.


When life throws your kids a curve ball and you come out to them as straight 😜 #lgbtqrights #transrights #humanrights #lgbtqfamily #comingout

♬ original sound – Jose Rolon

Moms of Four

Cindy and Bomeilyn share heartwarming photos of their lives raising triplets and their big sister.

On a recent post, the couple shared that their page was initially created to hide their relationship from their loved ones while still sharing their memories. But now, their mission is to create visibility.

“We are the first same sex couple in both our families & we are so proud to create that path for upcoming generations,” they wrote. “We feel so honored to be able to portrait this happy loving family and serve as an inspiration to those who dream of having something like this.”


Erik and Adam share their joyful journey parenting twins across social media.

Don’t forget that today is Family Equality Giving Day! DONATE here.

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