Pride in Pictures: Never been kissed

Pride in Pictures: Never been kissed

Time flies, and it’s Pride again.

For four years running now, we’ve asked our readers to share a memorable pic from their Pride celebrations, and you’ve responded with hundreds of scenes of joy, laughter, tears and rainbows… lots of rainbows 🌈🌈🌈. For Pride in Pictures 2023, the colors are just as bright and the laughter just as joyful.

Thanks to everyone who has shared their Pride!

Name: Olivia Parvin

Location: San Francisco Pride

Year: 2022

Photographer: A friendly stranger

The story: This was my very first Pride after coming out as a lesbian at 25 years old. Anti-LGBTQ+ bills were being introduced, and it was the biggest Pride crowd in SF since the pandemic. Right before this photo was taken, I went up to a woman with a sign that said “mom hugs.” I hugged her and cried because my own mother had recently condemned me when I told her I was gay.

We took the picture in front of City Hall to show that we will not be erased and that we would fight to be visible and equal. When I posted this photo to come out to the rest of my family on Facebook, it quickly had hate comments from family members that were drowned out by the comments left by my friends. This photo of my partner and myself will always be my favorite.

Pride in Pictures, two women kissing at Pride
Olivia Parvin, used with permission

Today is LGBTQ Families Day so we’re celebrating some of our favorites.

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