Pride in Pictures: Very first Pride for mother & son

Mother and son at Pride
Mother and son at Pride Photo: Matthew Keith, used with permission

Time keeps on slippin’, and it’s Pride again.

For four years running now, we’ve asked our readers to share a memorable pic from their Pride celebrations, and you’ve responded with hundreds of scenes of joy, laughter, tears and rainbows… lots of rainbows 🌈🌈🌈. For Pride in Pictures 2023, the colors are just as bright and the laughter just as joyful.

Thanks to everyone who has shared their Pride!

Name: Grace Gheen

Location: Kalamazoo Pride

Year: 2022

Photographer: Matthew Keith

The story: I work for OutFront Kalamazoo as the Director of Communications. This photo is of my son, Chase, and me at Kalamazoo Pride 2022. Chase had a very rough few years before coming out to us as a trans male. This was his second Pride, but his FIRST as a trans man. As one of the people who planned Kalamazoo Pride 2022, it meant so much to me to have him there with me, enjoying himself, feeling safe to be out, and proud of his Mom for planning our largest pride to date.

He was able to join me on stage in the evening and loved seeing all the people in the audience, enjoying the celebration and performances. My son is a magnificent human. He deserves to be who he is without judgment, without threats, and without feeling unsafe in any space.

Mother and son at Pride
Matthew Keith, used with permission

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