Pride in Pictures: Bright colors, bold patterns

Pride in Pictures: two rainbow-clad strangers meet
Photo: Provided

Another trip around the Sun, and it’s Pride again.

For four years running now, we’ve asked our readers to share a memorable pic from their Pride celebrations, and you’ve responded with hundreds of scenes of joy, laughter, tears and rainbows… lots of rainbows 🌈🌈🌈. For Pride in Pictures 2023, the colors are just as bright, and the laughter just as joyful.

Thanks to everyone who’s shared their Pride!

Name: Bill Bettencourt

Location: Chicago

Year: 2019

Photographer: My husband, James

The story: I was at breakfast before the Chicago PRIDE Parade was to start, and this person with beautiful rainbow hair and I connected, and I asked if we could take a picture together to remember the moment.

The submitter poses with the person with rainbow hair as they both sport Pride tees.
Bill Bettencourt, used with permission

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