George Santos mocked for demanding a “DIVORCE” between LGB & TQ+

Rep. George Santos
Rep. George SantosPhoto: U.S. House

Rep. George Santos (R-NY) – the only out LGBTQ+ Republican in Congress – is now calling for a “DIVORCE” in the LGBTQ+ community to divide “LGB” people and “TQIA+” people.

“It’s time we all understand that the LGB people have different social issues than the TQIA++++++ people do,” Santos wrote. “So I’m calling for a DIVORCE of the LGB from the TQIA+.”

Rep. Robert Garcia (D-CA) – one of several out LGBTQ+ Democrats in Congress – responded by calling Santos’s rhetoric “dangerous and extreme.”

“While we all think Santos is a joke, what he’s proposing is dangerous and extreme,” he wrote. “They want to harm and isolate trans and queer people. We can’t allow that to happen – and pretty gross coming from someone that claims to be gay.”

Santos – who supports anti-transgender legislation, has shared anti-LGBTQ+ propaganda online, and has mocked trans women for their appearance – claimed that it would actually be good for trans people if this “DIVORCE” occurred.

“By lumping everyone together, you actually do a disservice to the trans community by diluting their struggles with the struggles of others,” he wrote.

It’s unlikely, especially considering his follow-up, that Santos was voicing concern with queer, intersex, asexual, or other identities. His main target appeared to be transgender people.

The idea of separating LGBTQ+ into two communities based on whether they are minorities because of sexual orientation or gender identity is far from new; anti-transgender activists bring it up regularly. But it doesn’t happen because there is no central LGBTQ+ governing board to make such a decision. Instead, most LGBTQ+ people see the connections between gender identity and sexual orientation.

The reasons LGBTQ+ people share an initialism are deep and complex, a result of the fact that most LGBTQ+ people share common experiences that come from being deemed abnormal in a culture built on the assumption that sex assigned at birth, gender identity, gender expression, and sexual orientation always and should align in one of two ways: either as masculine, AMAB (assigned male at birth) men exclusively attracted to women or feminine, AFAB (assigned female at birth) women exclusively attracted to men. George Santos complaining on Twitter isn’t going to change the reality of how gender and sexuality interact.

LGBTQ+ people mocked Santos’s demand for a community divorce on Twitter.

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