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Right-wing political cartoonist Ben Garrison is getting attention online for the attention that he gave to out Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg’s butt.

Garrison – who is known for his conservative, racist, antisemitic, transphobic, anti-vaxx, and pro-January 6 insurrection cartoons – drew his latest about Buttigieg. In the cartoon, Buttigieg is sweeping various crashes – individually labeled “fail” and then collectively “disasters” lest Garrison’s astute audience think train crashes are good – under a Progress Pride flag with a broom labeled “Sec. of Transportation,” probably to remind readers who Buttigieg is.

“Let’s concentrate on diversity, inclusion, and equity!” Buttigieg says in the comic. The comic is a reference to the fact that many Republicans are blaming any bad thing related to transportation in the U.S. on Buttigieg himself and saying that the Department of Transportation’s commitment to diversity somehow means that the department can’t also care about safety and efficiency.

But the message of the comic was lost as people noticed the gigantic butt Garrison drew on Buttigieg, either as a reference to Buttigieg’s sexuality – gay men and butts! it’s hilarious! – or to Buttigieg’s name.

“Ben Garrison consistently the horniest cartoonist in the game,” The Serfs wrote in a tweet on the comic.

Others also noticed that Garrison’s rendering of Pete is stacked, especially in the back, and wondered what the message was.

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