Cis woman with short hair terrorized by transphobe while using women’s restroom

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A cisgender woman harassed another cis woman with short hair in the public restroom of the Rampart Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada because she thought she was transgender.

The short-haired woman, who goes by creatingjayrose on the video-sharing app TikTok, recorded the incident and shared details of what happened next. She says she is getting a lawyer to sue the woman and the casino over what happened.

Creatingjayrose said that she was experiencing very bad cramps during a drive with her boyfriend, so they stopped at the casino so she could use the restroom. After sitting down in a stall for about 30 seconds, she heard a woman start complaining about trans identities.

“When I start recording,” the TikToker said, “I am a little confused because I’ve never had a problem going to the bathroom since cutting my hair short. But for some reason, I knew she was talking about me.”

In her recording, the woman standing outside of her stall in the bathroom can be heard stating, “You don’t want to even get out of there. Yeah, stay right there. Figure out your identity in your perspective.”

The woman then starts blaming schools and repeatedly saying, “This is not allowed.”

“I want to pee in private,” the woman adds, which is ironic because creatingjayrose just wanted to use the bathroom in private as well, but she couldn’t because of the overzealous transphobe yelling outside of her stall.

When creatingjayrose finally leaves the stall, the woman comes up as she’s washing her hands and bluntly asks, “Are you a man or a woman?”

Creatingjayrose responds, “Why does that matter?”

“Because you’re in the ladies’ room, and I have gotten called out several times for being in the men’s room, and you’re going to be called out for whatever you’re doing. So what are you identifying as today?” the woman asks.

“I don’t think that’s any of your business,” creatingjayrose states.

“Oh it’s not?” the woman asks. “So you’re in the ladies’ room where I think I need to identify you.”

“You do not need to identify me,” creatingjayrose says.

Creatingjayrose then suggests that she get casino security involved. The woman agrees and responds, “This is not the way you play your s**t… It’s not allowed. You think you’re going to be a woman when it’s okay to be a man. No. No. Figure your identity out in your bedroom.”

When creatingjayrose and the woman leave the bathroom, creatingjayrose immediately sees her boyfriend who confirms that she is his girlfriend. Creatingjayrose said she felt on the verge of tears when exiting the bathroom because of the woman’s harassment.


Being harassed for using the bathroom and trying to tell me the police would get me for PEEING was definitely not on my list of things to do today #lgbt #nonbinary #trans #bathroom #karen #storytime #karensgonewild

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Creatingjayrose said that the woman revealed that she had followed her into the restroom thinking that she was a trans child. The woman was intent on harassing and bullying her. The woman told her husband to get casino security, so an officer was waiting as soon as they exited the bathroom.

The TikToker said she filed a statement and complaint with the casino, but the casino informed her that it wouldn’t be conducting an investigation because what happened was just “a disagreement between two people.”

“They’re saying that she was extremely drunk and that she was sent home for the day but she was allowed back the next day sober because people make mistakes,” creatingjayrose said in a follow-up video.

“I’m definitely pressing charges,” she added. “I’m going to see what my options are against her and the casino.”

In a statement to LGBTQ Nation, Michelle Bacigalupi, vice president and general manager for Rampart Casino, wrote, “Rampart Casino does not condone this behavior and this situation is not being taken lightly. We are working with local law enforcement and the incident is being actively investigated.”

At the end of one of her videos, creatingjayrose’s boyfriend yelled, “We’re getting some sh** changed in this bi**h. Everybody should be able to use the moth*****king bathroom no matter what the f**k you look like or how you ever f**king identify yourself. F**k Rampart Casino in the as***le because this s**t is ridiculous. If my daughter or my friend or any of you guys went to the bathroom had to deal with this s**t — it’s f**king ridiculous. Stupid.”


UPDATE AFTER TALKING TO THE CASINO (went to go get her information) #harassedinbathroom #update #bathroom

♬ original sound – jay

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