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Conspiracy theorists storm Drag Queen Story Hour & shout at cops to arrest performers

Conspiracy theorists storm Drag Queen Story Hour & shout at cops to arrest performers

Alarming video shot and posted by the right-wing group Sovereign Citizens in the U.K. on Monday shows protesters besieging consecutive Drag Queen Story Hours and demanding the arrest of event organizer Aida H Dee – also known as Sab Samuel – for “grooming” and “pedophilia.”

At the first story hour at Reading Central Library, two women posing as attendees shouted as the reading begins.

“This is disgusting! He’s a child groomer, this is child grooming!” one of the protesters yelled as children scream and one mother begins crying.

“There are only two sexes!” the woman yelled.

After scuffling with library security and police, the women were led from the building. The room erupted in applause.

“She had used her own disabled son as a Trojan horse,” Samuel told PinkNews, adding: “The child had a meltdown and was screaming as she laughed. She should be ashamed.”

Samuel was escorted from the library by police as several protesters harassed them, chanting “Pedo protection!”

Samuel said, “Police had to escort me out of the building and make a human shield because they were literally chasing me.”

At the second event at the Tilehurst Library, leader of the group, Michael Chaves, confronted police with his camera, demanding admittance to the event so they could make a “citizens’ arrest.”

As police officers kept Chaves at bay at the library entrance, he told them: “You arrest him then. You obviously know the guy’s dressing up as a drag queen. You know it’s grooming children. It’s a pedophile. It’s an act of pedophilia. Grooming children.”

When the officer declines, Chaves said: “So we’ve got a line of pedophile protectors in front of us.”

“If I thought they were a sex offender, I’d arrest them,” the officer responded.

As parents and children squeeze past the phalanx of officers, Chaves confronted them: “You aren’t taking your child in to see a pedophile, are you? What a very strange thing to do.”

he added: “Can I talk to a manager?”

Chaves was joined by several other protesters holding signs with slurs and a banner reading “Welcome Groomers” in rainbow colors.

After the events, Chaves posted photos of the officers with a directive to followers to “name and shame” them.

A screed posted by Chaves later provided insight to the group’s conspiracy-laden motivations:

“That’s part of them normalizing this degeneracy, the pedophilia. It’s all part of this new world order, this new system of theirs. They’re quite recent. It’s all connected. Don’t think it ain’t, ’cause it is. It’s all connected.”

“It’s pedophiles who rule this world. Satanic pedophile ruling elites. They’ve got to where they are trading in children, raping children, killing children. That’s how they’ve reached the top of the ladder, whatever walk of life it is.”

“Freemasons in the police, the chief constables, the judges, everyone who’s high up at the top has got here because they’re pedophiles, not for no other reason. Not on merit, not because they’re f***ing good at their job, mainly because they’re pedophiles. Royal family, all pedophiles, up to and including the queen. I stand by that. Prove me wrong.”

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