This week on LGBTQ Twitter: Queer & trans folks cope through comedy

This week on LGBTQ Twitter: Queer & trans folks cope through comedy
Photo: Twitter user @VixusFoxy

One of the great, and often overlooked, injustices faced by queer and trans people is the stereotype that we don’t have a sense of humor. (Case in point: Folks responding to Rainn Wilson’s Twitter apology by urging the actor not to apologize for a “joke.”)

But no one has better jokes about the LGBTQ experience than, well, LGBTQ people.

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To those who would suggest that people transition in order to live an easier life.

In response to fear-mongering about the influence of drag queens on children.

Trans folks know how to transmute pain into comedy.

Some of that comedic gold may be inspired by the common shared experience of a second puberty.

Can we get some TV shows/movies about that self-aware second coming-of-age? And no, the new Barbie movie doesn’t count.

Speaking of cringe… Trans reporter Kate Sosin’s thread on the worst Pride Month merch just received a particularly winning submission.



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