This week in LGBTQ Twitter: Truth bombs from Chasten Buttigieg, Jonathan Van Ness & George Takei
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This week, as political attacks on queer and trans people dominated the national discourse, LGBTQ celebs took to Twitter to tell it like it is.

Chasten Buttigieg clapped back at Republican lawmakers who used the confirmation hearings for Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson as an opportunity to reveal their disapproval of marriage equality.

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Meanwhile, George Takei brought disappointed dad vibes with his takedown of the GOP’s distraction tactics, calling on Americans to “cut this crap” and focus on the real problems facing the world. Hint: it’s not trans kids in sports.

Queer Eye‘s Jonathan Van Ness called out the “bullshit” hypocrisy of those who call for civility while demeaning transgender people like swimmer Lia Thomas.

Florida state Rep. Carlos Smith (D) continued to highlight the pressing issues being ignored in favor of Gov. Ron DeSantis’ obsession with transgender people with this sick burn.

The Chicago Gay Men’s Chorus, true to form, showed its solidarity with Florida’s LGBTQ community by singing “gay.”

Public figure or not, we could all turn up the gay. Lil Nas X needs to know how to identify his people.

Clarence Thomas’ wife doesn’t believe in democracy. Does her husband?

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