The Sims 4 will now ask for pronouns & allow neo-pronouns

The lesbian couple on The Sims 4

The popular PC game The Sims 4 will allow users to choose their characters’ pronouns and even use neo-pronouns in an upcoming update.

Released in 2014, The Sims 4 is a social simulation game where players create a character and follow them through their lives. Character customization is a big part of the game; players make a variety of choices about their characters that they use to interact with the world and other players.

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In a Twitch Livestream last week, developers said that players will be asked to name their character and assign their pronouns on the “Create-a-Sim” screen. They can pick she/her, he/him, they/them, or enter custom pronouns.

The developers said that in-game filters are being implemented to “stop other players from abusing pronouns,” according to Gayety.

“It’s really validating to see your pronouns, I really can’t underscore that enough,” said game designer Rachel Gilbert. “It’s reassuring and it’s like a little checkbox – we’re all good here, we know who we are.”

“The day that I tried on they/them pronouns for the first time was the day I was first ever able to recognize myself in the mirror. Which, as you can imagine, is life-changing,” said Rae Sweet of It Gets Better on the livestream. Their organization and GLAAD worked with Maxis, the developer of The Sims 4, to implement the LGBTQ-friendly changes.

“I just know that giving people a space to play in The Sims and play with pronouns and be who they want to just give them so much room to explore and find themselves and be their true authentic selves, especially in a society where they might not be able to in real life.”

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