Cardi B won’t stand for people making fun of a boy playing with a kitchen set anymore

Cardi B
Photo: Shutterstock

Cardi B called out people who were criticizing a little boy who played with a toy kitchen set, calling them “so close minded and dumb.”

Someone posted a picture of the tyke playing with a toy pot, writing that “People on Facebook are having a full blown gender war about this photo.”

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The Grammy-winning hip hop artist decided to throw in her two cents, bringing up child YouTube star Ryan’s World. That is not the same child in the photo.

“The fact that Ryans world the little boy from YouTube make millions and he have a kitchen set like this and y’all worry about if this gay or not,” she wrote, using the facepalm emoji. “Stop being so close minded and dumb.”

Cardi’s frustration inspired positive responses from her fans.

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