Watch these brides freak out as Raven-Symoné brings out Cardi B to officiate their wedding

Brides-to-be Brandi and Shannon (left) and the officiant, Cardi B with Raven-Symoné (right).
Brides-to-be Brandi and Shannon (left) and the officiant, Cardi B with Raven-Symoné (right). Photo: Screenshot/Facebook

In the final episode of the new Facebook series Cardi Tries, out rapper Cardi B tries officiating a wedding along with her friend and fellow out entertainer, Raven-Symoné.

The episode, which was released yesterday to coincide with National Coming Out Day on Monday, October 11, features Cardi B officiating the wedding between Brandi, who surprises her fiancée Shannon, with the perfect wedding that she thinks is just an engagement party.

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Raven, who helps put together the surprise and get Cardi ready to officiate, reflects on the occasion and how special she herself finds marriage. She got hitched in a surprise ceremony to actress Miranda Maday in 2020.

“Being a part of a same-sex marriage, I think is important so people see that, you know, there are differences obviously, but also there’s similarities,” the NAACP Image Award-winning entertainer remarked.

During the process, Brandi shared that having the two entertainers and their families as guests would be amazing, someone important to her would be missing: her mother.

“My mom is not here today. She does not agree with my lifestyle so she’s not here at the present time,” Brandi tells them, but “she did send me a message just wishing me well.” Cardi and Raven both reflected that they didn’t have their mothers at their weddings either.

Later, when trying on her dress, the bride-to-be can’t help but still feel the lack of her mother’s presence there. “You always want those moments where you and your mom get to do this together and pick those moments together,” Brandi shared.

“I love her, I have no ill feelings about her not being here,” she concluded. “I know she wishes me well.”

Cardi, who after the episode’s taping gave birth to her second child with her husband, fellow rapper Offset, reflected on her own family’s reaction to her and her sister’s identity. Cardi came out as bisexual in 2018.

She shared there was a “tough time in the beginning” when her sister started dating another woman, but in the end, “I think she loves my sister’s girlfriend more than she loves us.”

Despite the emotions and slight conflict, the wedding goes on as planned, and Shannon not only loves it — despite fears that she might react by saying “I don’t wanna get married here” — but she is absolutely stunned when Cardi comes out to lead them through exchanging vows, and the guests get even more emotional.

Including Cardi herself.

“This is a special day for you guys, and it’s a special day for me,” Cardi said to the brides, “and I want to thank you guys for making me a part of your beautiful journey.”

Raven, serving as the ringbearer, came out and said, “I now pronounce you wife and wife.”

Raven remarked at the end of the episode: “That was epic. I mean, who gets to say that Cardi B officiated their wedding? Brandi and Shannon do.”

Cardi added after, “And Raven.”

On Twitter, Cardi also remarked while sharing a clip of the episode, “By the way WORLD I’m licensed to marry people…. sooo yea…

“This was such a fulfilling thing to do and Raven was soo fun.”

The entire “Cardi Tries Tying The Knot” episode is available now exclusively on Facebook and Facebook Messenger platforms, including Facebook Messenger’s “Watch Together” feature.

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