Adorable queer proposal stories that will melt your heart

Tenee' and Kambre
Tenee' and Kambre Photo: Provided

Who doesn’t love a cute proposal story? Sit down with your tissues and get ready for your insides to go warm and fuzzy as you read through four adorable tales of queer marriage proposals.

LGBTQ people have fought tirelessly for their rights to get married, so let’s crack out the confetti as we celebrate those using them.

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Megan and Bec
Megan and Bec (Nigel Lee)

Megan and Bec

Megan and Bec are a Tinder love story who started off dating in secret, pretending they were just having a physical fling that would fizzle out, but they both knew that wasn’t the case. When they met for a date one Valentine’s Day, they watched a special screening of True Romance, ate pizza, and, well, the rest is history!

For their proposal, Megan took Bec to a town close to home that had special meaning, since it was where they spent one of their first nights together. It took some work, however, as Bec was already sick of visiting the seaside town whenever they visited Megan’s parents – but Megan thought of every detail to get her there, even inviting friends along and to make the day seem as normal as possible.

They led Bec to a special spot on the pebbled beach where they collected a pebble from during their first visit. Wrapped around the pebble was a piece of paper with a poem Megan had written especially for Bec. Once the two were down by the sea, Bec’s friend handed over the poem, and what followed was pure magic.

“I said to her, ‘I have a surprise for you,’ and handed her the poem. She looked at me, then to her friends, Daniel and Carl, who looked on giddily, then back at me as if to say, ‘This is nice, but why are they here?’ I said, ‘I have another surprise,’ got down on one knee, holding the ring box upside down, and said, ‘Will you marry me?’,” she told LGBTQ Nation.

After Megan popped the question, there was a short exchange of screaming yeses and “oh my god”s and “get up!” before they looked up to a balcony above and saw a gang of family and friends, whom Megan had been hiding there all along. The couple hugged as their loved ones cheered and headed over to celebrate.

So, where are Megan and Bec now? Well, they bought their first home together earlier this year, in which Megan says Bec is head chef while they are chief pot washer. They own two cats called Paddington Claude and Lola Potts, as well as a rescue dog named Fly.

“We’re equally as besotted with each other now as we were then, if not more,” Megan says.

“We’re planning to have children, at the right time, and live a life on the road.”

Reece and Jack
Reece and Jack

Reece and Jack

Reece and Jack met on a dating app in 2018 and hit it off straight away. Reece relocated to the city where Jack was studying and he says everything just fell into place from then on.

“We always spoke about what we wanted for our future, marriage, children, and a dog. I really stressed to him how I didn’t really like how people tend to propose. I’m not a fan of big gestures and I cringe when people get engaged on holidays like Valentine’s and Christmas. I said I would be happy coming home from work one day, seeing a ring on the table with a bottle of bubbly and to just be asked, something low key,” Reece shares.

He even had a ring picked out that he liked, since he doesn’t wear a lot of jewelry.

One day when he got home from work, Reece walked into the living room to a scene exactly like the one he wanted, as Jack listened to every word he said months earlier.

There were pictures showing a timeline of their relationship hanging on the wall and a bottle of bubbly on the table. Jack did a little speech about how much he loved Reece, got down on one knee, and asked the big question. Reece’s response was one of utter shock initially, so taken aback by how everything they spoke about was in place.

“It was just the two of us, nothing special about the day. It just felt right. We usually drink wine, but we drink Prosecco for celebrations, so we’ve saved every Prosecco cork and stuck them onto a canvas. The cork from the bottle of Prosecco we had the night he proposed is part of that and we’ve drawn a little red heart on it to remind us that that is the cork from the bottle that night.”

Tenee' and Kambre
Tenee’ and Kambre

Tenee’ and Kambre

Tenee’ and Kambre started off as friends in their freshman year of college. Tenee’ says they were complete opposites, but ended up becoming really close. Kambre grew up in a very Christian household whereas Tenee’ did not, meaning their friendship didn’t blossom into a relationship in the traditional way since they were exploring an unknown sexuality for them both.

Three months and one drunken conversation later, their true feelings came to light. They hid their relationship for six months out of fear of judgment, before going Instagram official six months in. Despite being met with an outpouring of love, there was even more resentment from Kambre’s family and they were forced to continue seeing each other quietly. Luckily, their romance stood the test of time, leading them to where they are today.

After finishing their degrees and moving in together, Kambre was having thoughts about proposing, as she was always adamant about being the one to get down on one knee. After one failed attempt due to disaster at the jewelers, Kambre tried again last November when she took Tenee’ and her mom out for a meal. Tenee’ could sense something was off, but didn’t want to make her more nervous. As they arrived on a rooftop park, Kambre immediately grabbed her girlfriend’s hand and walked her over to the edge of the rooftop.

“There was champagne and balloons, and I honestly can’t tell you a single thing she said in between the walk and her getting on one knee. I was in such shock that my ears seemed to not be working and it felt like I was in a dream. I remember saying yes and then my family started coming over from different areas of the park where they watched it all go down. November 4th, 2020 started our journey to the altar, but it didn’t end there…”

Tenee’ always knew that she wanted Kambre to have her own proposal story too, so as soon as the proposal was done, she kicked that into gear. She already had a ring, and was just waiting for the right moment, when Kambre would least expect it.

“I had a work meeting early one Sunday and I knew that would be the only way to get out of the house without raising any suspicions. I texted her to say they were taking the team out for lunch and we were able to bring a plus one so she needed to get ready. I had the ring planted in my pants and we headed downtown,” she shares.

She picked a park with a huge waterfall, which she told Kambre she wanted to look at before heading for food, claiming the restaurant was behind it.

“We made our way underneath the waterfall. I was super nervous but once we were in a good spot I dropped to my knees and asked her to marry me. Of course, she said yes, and now we are working towards the altar.”

The couple has been going back and forth on what they want to do for a wedding. On one hand, they’ve always talked about having a huge wedding because they love to party. On the other hand, they’ve been thinking of just going to the courthouse and having a small get-together with close friends and families afterward.

What they are certain of, though, is they’ll be saying “I do” on March 3rd – their dating anniversary. They’re also still completely smitten with one another, eight years in, even if they do have to deal with people being unsupportive of their love.

Tenee’ says, “There is no other person I’d rather be buckled into this ride with. Kambre is my best friend and my biggest supporter, and I couldn’t imagine my life without her.”

Olly and Danny
Olly and Danny (Provided)

Olly and Daniel

Oliver met Danny through Twitter. After Danny moved closer to Oliver, they went out for a drink, which turned into a date, and five years later they’re all loved up.

Back in summer, one of Danny’s friends got engaged and he pointed to his empty ring finger and jokingly sighed. Oliver told him that he would have proposed already, but Danny has such specific taste, so he wouldn’t want to just pick something. Plus, Oliver was never sure if he even wanted a ring, but it would have felt weird to do it without something to mark the occasion.

A friend recommended a ring designer, whom they went to meet to explain exactly what they wanted.

“Most men’s rings are bland or ugly, so we knew getting something bespoke was important to us. I went for something art nouveau inspired and Danny wanted something art deco inspired. The designer, Amanda, uses bespoke gold blends using recycled metal, so while the designs are very different, they share the same metal and Sapphires from the same conflict-free producers in Australia,” shares Oliver.

They spent so much of their time thinking about getting the rings and going out for dinner to celebrate, that they didn’t actually plan the engagement. So, the same afternoon after picking them up, they sat on the sofa at home and exchanged them.

Oliver says it was super lowkey, but he liked the symbolism of doing it in the house they bought together a couple of months earlier.

“We began telling a few friends and family the following week, but wanted to hold off announcing it until we had a chance to tell my granny. She’s 93 and whenever I see her she harasses me about when Danny and I are going to get engaged and set a date, so I wanted to see her reaction in person,” he shares.

The two have got a viewing at a potential wedding venue booked in for January, which they’re hoping will work out as they begin saving for a ceremony in a couple of years’ time.

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