This mom handled her son’s coming out as trans in the most mom way possible

When Crow came out as trans, he made a letter to give to his mom.
When Crow came out as trans, he made a letter to give to his mom. Photo: Twitter

Cherie Garcia is one of “those kind” of moms. She’s a divorced mother of two doing her damnedest to raise her children to be thoughtful and confident.

And she’s doing it with aplomb. Here’s proof.

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When Garcia’s teenage son, Crow, came out to her as transgender, he did it with a short letter reminiscent of a ransom note complete with cut out letters.

“My teenager handed me this envelope and asked that I wait to open it until after he went to his dad’s house,” Garcia said in a tweet that’s gone viral as users give mom credit for handling the situation absolutely perfectly.

“After opening it, I called to let him know that the *only* thing that’s wrong with this is the ‘r’ he accidentally left out of congratulations,” she added. She completed the tweet with a smiley face emoji along with the trans and rainbow flag emojis because that’s what a mom would do.

“There is nothing my kids could do to lose my support and unconditional love,” she continued in another tweet that included the heart emoji this time. “My prayer for each of them is that they live life as their authentic selves, without compromise. My teen is figuring things out and I support him 100%, because God created both of my babies perfectly.”

And then the internet weighed in.

Twitter went wild with responses to Garcia and her nonchalant all-encompassing acceptance – and her spelling lesson. Others shared their own coming out experiences with their parents – including photos of other notes teenagers gave their parents to come out.

“I love how you pointed out the spelling error. Typical mom thing to do,” Robyn D replied. “And your unconditional love is what all parents should have no matter who their kids are.”

Garcia responded with the laughing face emoji and three simple words that would make any teacher proud of her parenting skills.

“Spelling is important!”

“Full credit due! It takes time to find all those letters, and I love your reaction!” Charlotte Emily replied. “Congatulations to you both!”

“It does! His dad’s letter has the r. He said he was looking for a smaller r to fit on my letter, then he got distracted and forgot to add it,” Garcia replied. “He and I always call out spelling mistakes on signs, so the missing r made me smile. I think he was a little nervous, too.”

And when another mom shared a similar story about being given an unusual coming out note – and her own mom reaction.

“My own non binary kiddo nailed a note to their door in the middle of the night and declared that if we must refer to them to refer to them as our spawn,” she laughed. “I commented on the atrocious handwriting.”

“I’ll call you Voltron if you want,” Garcia joked in reply, “but please spell it correctly.”

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