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Trump’s “personal pastor” Paula White is losing it over a possible Biden victory

Paula White calling for angelic reinforcement
Paula White calling for angelic reinforcement for Trump to win Photo: Screenshot Twitter

As more votes get counted and more states get called and the possibility that Joe Biden will have won the 2020 presidential election becomes more real, some Christian conservative leaders are not handling it well.

Donald Trump’s spiritual adviser Paula White delivered a flamboyantly passionate prayer for “angels” to help Trump to win.

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She works herself into a trance and starts speaking in tongues, and then declares: “For angels have even been dispatched from Africa right now. Africa right now. From Africa right now. They’re coming here. They’re coming here. In the name of Jesus, from South America. They’re coming here. They’re coming here.”

She repeats that “angelic reinforcement” is coming from South America and Africa but, apparently, not Asia, Europe, Australia, or Antarctica.

Over 18 million people have viewed that video so far, and a lot of the responses were amazing.

Because this is the internet, someone made a hip hop mix of White’s prayer, complete with a cat.

And it was remixed again.

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