Hillary Clinton was the real winner of last night’s presidential debate

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Hillary Clinton at the Women in the World Summit at Lincoln Center in New York Photo: Shutterstock

While former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton may have won the popular vote in the 2016 election – and every debate against Donald Trump – she ended up losing the election because of the Electoral College.

But as Trump battered Democrat nominee Joe Biden with a nonstop flow of vitriol and lies, one thing quickly became clear: Hillary Clinton won the debate again.

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Relegated to watching it on television, Clinton kept up with the debate and tweeted her thoughts on the spectacle. And two of her replies have taken Twitter by storm, earning her the victory once again.

“Has anyone checked in on @HillaryClinton? Girl I’m so sorry,” Chasten Buttigieg tweeted. Buttigieg’s husband, former Mayor Pete Buttigieg, ran against Biden in the primary election.

“Thanks, I’m fine,” Clinton replied. “But everyone better vote.”

In another exchange, feminist lawyer and author Jill Filipovic tweeted about Biden’s frustration with Trump. The former vice president told Trump: “Will you just shut up, man?” Filipovic called it the “line of the night.”

“I so feel for Hillary right now because I’m positive she wanted to say that and couldn’t,” Filipovic tweeted.

“You have no idea,” Clinton responded.

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