A TV show is advertising with a giant gay kiss on a billboard in Los Angeles

The Schitt's Creek billboard
The Schitt's Creek billboardPhoto: Dan Levy/via Twitter

A billboard with a giant gay kiss was put up in Los Angeles to advertise the show Schitt’s Creek.

The billboard shows Dan Levy, who plays David Rose, kissing Noah Reid, who plays David’s fiance Patrick Brewer.

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“F*ck yes we did. Shine bright, friends,” tweeted Levy with an image of the billboard, thanking networks POP TV and CBC, which air the Canadian show.

“Their support on this campaign that my teenage self would never have dreamed to be true.”

Pride‘s Rachel Kiley notes that public ads in LA that show gay people are usually about STDs and sometimes about sex-related businesses, but that “billboards depicting a loving gay couple in an open display of affection that aren’t sexualized in any way are not exactly common.”

Schitt’s Creek debuted in 2015 and its sixth and final season will start next month. In 2019, it was nominated for four Emmy awards and has been nominated for dozens of Canadian Screen Awards since its first season.

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