Editor’s note: The exciting future of LGBTQ Nation

Editor’s note: The exciting future of LGBTQ Nation
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Today we’re proud to announce some big changes at LGBTQ Nation. Not only are we launching our newly redesigned site, but we’re also gearing up for one of the most important elections of our time.

With the majority of our readers now accessing the site via their phone or tablet, we’ve made major updates to make the site more mobile friendly. On our desktop version, we’ve organized the site so it will be easier for you to find the reliable and accurate content you’ve come to expect.

We’ll be increasing our stable of writers so we can broaden the viewpoints on today’s important stories and provide unique perspectives on modern America’s challenges. The LGBTQ community faces immense challenges in 2019, and it’s important that we cover them with sensitivity and in-depth knowledge of the issues that only LGBTQ reporters can provide.

You’ve come to rely on us to provide the news you can’t find in the mainstream media and we won’t let you down. While we’ll continue watchdogging the religious right, reporting hard news, and providing uplifting stories of LGBTQ people to balance the negativity so prevalent in the nation today, our political coverage will ramp up several notches as we head into the presidential election.

We’re proud to provide our audience with the best content possible, and our readers have repaid our determination with unwavering support. We’re confident you’ll enjoy the updated site and our focus on the future of the LGBTQ movement.

And, as always, we encourage you to join the conversation on Facebook and Twitter.

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