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Trump met with anti-LGBTQ activists led by a Supreme Court justice’s wife

Ginni Thomas
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Donald Trump met with a group of anti-LGBTQ activists led by the wife of a Supreme Court justice last week.

According to three unnamed sources who talked with the New York Times, Ginni Thomas and a delegation of conservatives met with Trump in the Roosevelt Room for an hour to denounce transgender people and women in the military and marriage equality.

One of the sources said that the activists argued that women have less muscle mass than men and therefore shouldn’t be allowed in the military. Another said that sexual assault is not that pervasive in the military.

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One attendee said that marriage equality was harming the United States.

The group also complained that White House aides had blocked Trump supporters from getting jobs in the Trump administration. The Times‘ sources said that the activists’ list of people who should have gotten jobs in the administration had been rejected for a variety of reasons, including one who was offered a job but rejected it.

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The activists were led by Thomas, the wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. Thomas has worked at the Heritage Foundation in the past and writes for the far-right website The Daily Caller.

In 2011, she formed an organization called Liberty Central to oppose the “tyranny” of then-President Barack Obama. People and companies that appear before the Supreme Court are legally allowed to donate to the organization.

She also formed a lobbying firm called Liberty Consulting that boasted about its “experience and connections” on its website, which may refer to Thomas’s husband.

The meeting at the White House was also a result of Thomas’s connections. It happened after the Thomases had dinner with the Trumps.

Thomas reportedly opened the meeting by saying that she feared speaking because of the White House staffers who were present, citing the controversy that could result from the meeting.

There was also a prayer at the beginning of the meeting, and several members of the group prayed at various points during the meeting.

Last year, Thomas was in the news for hiring an assistant who lost her previous job at a conservative organization for texting a colleague, “I HATE BLACK PEOPLE. Like f–k them all… I hate Blacks. End of story.”

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