Nancy Pelosi just gave Trump hell in the Oval Office on live TV & the internet is living for it

February 27, 2017: House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi speaks to a press conference at the National Press ClubPhoto: Shutterstock

Democratic leaders Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer met with President Trump today in the Oval Office and the meeting quickly devolved into a yelling match between Pelosi and Trump.

Trump invited the press into the room to watch the action despite not warning Pelosi or Schumer that they would be present. And after he launched into a tirade about funding for his wall, Pelosi repeatedly asked him not to discuss funding issues in front of the media.

But Trump wouldn’t stop insisting he could get funding for the wall passed through the House – despite Democrats overwhelming majority in the upcoming Congress. Finally, her patience worn thin, Pelosi returned fire.

The result was glorious and progressives across the nation stopped what they were doing, sniffed the air, turned on their Twitter machines, and started celebrating an early Christmas.

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