This grandmother gave her trans grandson the most beautiful & affirming gift

Gab'e Raggedy Andy Doll
Photo: Gabe

The grandmother of Gabe – a 22-year old transmasculine person known as @Snepblep on Twitter – won the holidays this year, affirming their love for Gabe in the most epic way.

When he was younger, his grandmother gave him a Raggedy Ann doll, complete with the classic skirt and even his birth name in a heart on the doll’s chest.

Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy were created in the early years of the 20th Century and have remained a common, often handmade, doll. They typically have a heart embroidered on their chests.

Before Christmas, Gabe’s grandmother asked to borrow that old Raggedy Ann doll. Then, for the holiday, gave it back.

But the doll had changed. Gone was the skirt, replaced with the familiar blue pants of a Raggedy Andy doll. A sailor hat now resided on a shorter haircut, and – across its heart – the words, “I Love Gabe.”

“He’s trans, like me,” said Gabe in his Tweet about the gift.

He received a number of other gender affirming gifts from his grandmother, including a pocketknife engraved with his name, and a “sick” T-shirt that reads “I’m Gabe Doing Gabe Things.” He says he’s never taking it off.

His post about his new doll went viral, picking up 9500 likes and 16,000 retweets within 24 hours. The responses have shown an outpouring of love for Gabe and his grandmother.


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