Here are 5 super queer sweaters you can wear home for the holidays

Black sweater with a unicorn that says "Don we now our gay apparel."
Photo: Teespring

It’s December, and a lot of you are going to be visiting your families of origin. And you might be wearing a lot of sweaters because it’s cold outside.

When you’re visiting family, you might want to show your pride. Or maybe come out subtly to more distant relatives who are looking for a friendly face at the family get-togethers.

Or you might want to show people that, no, it wasn’t just a phase.

Black sweater with a unicorn that says

You know “Don we now our gay apparel”? The line from the song that uses “gay” but not to mean “homosexual” and that has made kids giggle for decades because that’s one of the ways they’re taught to be homophobic?

Wear this and ask your 11-year-old nephew what’s so funny when he giggles. Eleven is as good an age as any to learn what it feels like to be called out in public.


A Karma Couture sweater
Let everyone know you’re a fan of Karma Couture….

Dragqueen Merch has a bunch of sweaters from all your favorite drag queens, including many who have appeared on RuPaul’s Drag Race and many who haven’t.

The designs range from just the name or a picture of the queen, to some that are more artistic.

Gay up the holidays and support your favorite drag performer.

A sweater with a unicorn that's peeing a rainbow standing up, says

If you really want to traumatize your family-of-origin, there’s this sweater of a sexy, naked unicorn peeing a rainbow.

Play it like it’s a joke, but leave everyone wondering if you’re really into it.


A unicorn on a sweater

Or maybe dabbing is your thing.


A sweater in the colors of the transgender flag

Fashion4LGBT has a lot of great Pride gear, like this sweater in the colors of the transgender flag.

Since Pride Month is a little warm for sweaters, now’s the time to don the flag.


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