Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is in the hospital & liberals are losing it

New York City, June 30, 2018 - Person holding a sign at the Families Belong Together March for immigrants in Lower Manhattan.Photo: Shutterstock

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is in the hospital after falling in her office and liberal Twitter has lost its mind.

She is considered one of the most important impediments to President Trump’s potentially illegal directives. The idea of Trump replacing her on the bench with another staunch religious right conservative is horrifying.

Ginsburg, 85, is a progressive champion on the bench and beloved by many. She’s known by her nickname “Notorious RBG” for her inability to suffer foolishness and sharp wit.

According to a brief press release issued by the Court, Ginsburg fell in her office and “after experiencing discomfort overnight,” she went to the hospital today. The justice fractured three ribs according to the release and was “admitted for observation and treatment.”

Her fans, however, have taken to social media to express their dismay and send well wishes.


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