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A student threatened to bomb his high school to ‘cleanse’ it of LGBT kids

Jonathan Logan-Guy Radford
Jonathan Logan-Guy RadfordPhoto: Spartanburg Co. Detention Center

A South Carolina teenager has been charged with making a bomb threat against his school and specifically naming LGBTQ students as a target.

Jonathan Logan-Guy Radford, 18, allegedly tweeted that he wanted to “cleanse” Byrnes High School in Duncan, South Carolina, of LGBTQ people.

“The ultimate cleansing of all anti straight and non Christians will happen to day at 8:10 at James F Byrnes High School,” said one of the tweets, which is no longer publicly available.

He also sent a private message to another student: “Like I said ik I have seen you at Byrnes and I also know u and ur little group of friends are apart of a lgbt and I hate the lgbt community. So I plan on bombing and shooting up your school today to cleanse everyone that’s not straight or Christian.”

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Police say that a school employee reported the tweets to the police after several students had seen them.

The police believed that the person behind the tweets was using a fake name, so they contacted Twitter and got the IP address, which implicated Radford.

The police executed a search warrant at his residence and confiscated his phone.

According to the police report, Radford admitted to making the threats.

Court records show that Radford was charged on October 19.

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