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Even after getting caught, he kept tricking straight men into sex. Police kept letting him go.

Duarte Xavier
Duarte XavierPhoto: London Metropolitan Police

Duarte Xavier will finally be spending some time behind bars for his crimes. Xavier was sentenced to 15 years in prison for repeatedly tricking straight men into having sex with him.

Over the course of two years, Xavier would pose as “Ana,” a beautiful woman with a kinky side, on dating apps like Tindr. Xavier would send fake photos to his victims to lure them to his apartment for blindfolded sex with “Ana.”

Xavier was arrested twice and released on bail. He committed two more offenses while released and wasn’t charged with a crime until after his third assault.

The judge questioned why Xavier was caught and released multiple times, asking if it was because the victims were heterosexual males.

“It’s very rare for a heterosexual male to be a victim of a sexual offence, as we know,” he said. “I hope the fact that these victims were heterosexual males did not cause them to be put rather lower in the list of priorities.”

Police responded that a “waiting list” for downloading mobile phone evidence led to a delay in the investigation.

“You have been found guilty of what can only be described as a campaign of deception and obtaining sex by pretending that you were a woman,” Vice-Judge Advocate General Michael Hunter told Xavier during sentencing according to the Evening Standard.

“By pretending that you were an attractive and sexually adventurous young woman, you tempted them into engaging in sex with you.”

“I have taken into account your deliberate and cruel tactics that you carefully used to subject your victims to this activity,” the judge added. “You have demonstrated no remorse or understanding of the position of your victims.”

Xavier was reported to police when his victims took off their blindfold during sex.

“He was so convincing. It was supposed to be a bit of honest fun between two consenting adults,” one of the victims told the court. “Now I feel I’m carrying around a dark secret that will always be part of me. I hope one day I can learn to trust people again.”

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