Czech Republic may be the first former Communist country to get marriage equality

Polling from the Pew Research Center conducted from 2015-2017 in European countries shows broad support for marriage equality in Western Europe but less in Eastern Europe. 65% of people in the Czech Republic support marriage equality according to this poll.Photo: Pew Research Center

Legislation for marriage equality will be considered this week in the Czech Republic.

The first reading of an amendment to the civil code is set for Wednesday in the Chamber of Deputies, for the first time in the history of the country.

The law has broad support from political parties, as well as from the country. The We Are Fair campaign for marriage equality cited a poll that found that 67% of people support marriage equality, and a recent Pew Research Center poll found 65% of people supported marriage equality.

The Czech Republic has offered same-sex couples civil unions for over a decade.

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“Despite the fact that the Czech Republic has recognized registered partnership since 2006, full equality for same-sex couples is still missing. This gap in legislation not only affects the couples but their families and relatives as well,” said a spokesperson for We Are Fair campaign for marriage equality.

If the amendment passes, the Czech Republic – which was part of Czechoslovakia until 1993 – would be the first former Eastern Bloc country to recognize marriage equality.

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