Amazon’s ‘Jack Ryan’ is taking heat for using a trans slur

Photo: Instagram/@jackryanamazon

Amazon’s new series Jack Ryan debuted this weekend, and it has already garnered criticism for using a trans slur.

In the third episode, a character is asking a coworker how he got a black eye. He doesn’t want to explain it, so she quips: “Did you accidentally pick up another tranny on Fremont Street?”

“As two trans women were murdered in the last 24 hours,” tweeted the Anti-Violence Project’s Eliel Cruz. “Yeah fuck y’alls premiere event.”

“While the reality is that cisgender people use trans slurs and pick up violence affects trans women, Jack Ryan had an opportunity to confront this reality with a teachable moment,” Cruz said.

“Instead, writers decided to affirm the idea that there is something shameful about cisgender men being with a trans woman or that trans women are actually men.”

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