Tom & Abby from ‘Queer Eye’ got remarried. There are pictures & OMG.

Tom & Abby from ‘Queer Eye’ got remarried. There are pictures & OMG.
Tom Jackson announced he Abby were remarried on TwitterPhoto: Twitter screengrab

In the first episode of the rebooted Queer Eye show, the boys helped Tom Jackson get his groove back. He quickly became a fan favorite for his modesty, gentle nature, and remarkable backstory.

Tom was still in love with his ex-wife Abby and she obviously still loved him too. During the show, Tom poured his heart out and at the end of the episode it looked like they were reuniting.

A week after the show aired though, Tom broke the nation’s heart when he tweeted that it wasn’t meant to be.

But two weeks later, the emotional rollercoaster continued when the two got back together and announced the reunion officially on Twitter, as you do now.

But then came even bigger news.

Apparently some people were throwing shade, so Tom set the record straight that the breakup wasn’t recent. It’s just that no one cared before the show aired.

Not only has Tom started to shine, Abby got quite a glitter out of the deal too!

But now, the deed is done and it’s time to celebrate. The two tied the knot in late March and Tom is tweeting the news.

Mazel tov!

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