LGBTQ people are using pride flags to fight abortion radicals now & it is brilliant

Instagram/Radical Queers Resist

Activists in Ireland have found a creative way to combat anti-choice propaganda.

On May 25, the Republic of Ireland will vote on whether to repeal the 8th Amendment to its constitution, which says that the “right to life of the unborn” is equal to that of a fetus’s mother.

Anti-choice activists have put up posters and signs with pictures of fetuses outside of maternity wards with slogans like “Killing Irish children” and “Is this women’s health?”

So the group Radical Queers Resist (RQR) has been holding rainbow flags in front of the images as an act of solidarity.

From yesterday’s counter-demo against the ICBR 😈💖 #RQR

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RQR is also encouraging people to vote “Yes” to repeal the abortion ban.

The Irish Center for Bio-Ethical Reform (ICBR), an anti-choice organization leading the “No” campaign, put together a video of RQR’s rainbow flag protests.

A member of RQR told PinkNews that the video is “amazing.” “A lot of people initially thought it was a fan made video,” they said.

Another RQR member, identified as S, said that they got the idea when ICBR activists protested in front of gay bars and an LGBTQ center.

“We asked [ICBR] several times during the protests why they were targeting these spaces and what the logic was, and they gave very confusing, unclear and mixed answers of ‘not wanting people to equate being gay with being pro-choice’ and that ‘being pro-equality was a misleading statement,'” S said.

“We can’t have LGBTQ liberation if we don’t have bodily autonomy and if everyone is not equal under the law,” said J., another member of RQR. “So that’s why we’re definitely pro-choice.”

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