Seven men brutally beat a gay man outside a McDonald’s

Sebastián and Jonathan before being attacked, and Jonathan in the hospital.Photo: Screenshot/Twitter

Jonathan Castellari, 25, and his best friend Sebastián went to a McDonald’s in Buenos Aires, Argentina, at 6:30 A.M. this past Friday after spending the night at a club.

After placing their order, a group of men ages 20 to 25 entered, drunk. “They looked at us, they made jokes, they laughed at us,” Sebastián said.

They decided to go outside to avoid the group and so that Jonathan could smoke. One of the men went outside and grabbed him. “That’s when the others started to hit him,” Sebastián said.

He said that the men shouted homophobic insults like “puto.” “I tried to stop them but couldn’t. I got hurt too, but nothing compared to Jonathan.”

Jonathan posted on Facebook that the men shouted insults while beating him, like “take this, faggot” and “shitty faggot,” and also said that they were going to kill him for being gay. He wrote that five of them punched him while two others kicked him.

When they let them go, a nurse from a nearby hospital who happened to be having coffee at the fast food restaurant treated him until he could go to the hospital. The men followed them to the hospital, shouting more insults, and had to be kicked out by security.

Sebastián and Jonathan before being attacked, and Jonathan in the hospital. Screenshot/Twitter

At the hospital, he underwent surgery for a fractured cheekbone and for a damaged eye.


Ciervos Pampas RC, an LGBT rugby team that Jonathan participated in, organized a demonstration against homophobia in front of the McDonald’s last night.

His lawyer said that he will file a formal complaint on Monday morning and that he will be asking for security camera footage from the restaurant.

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