Ellen Page says she was outed by director Brett Ratner

Ellen Page says she was outed by director Brett Ratner

Out actress Ellen Page accused director Brett Ratner of outing her on the job when she was 18-years-old.

Page said that she attended a reception for the people working on X-Men: The Last Stand before filming began. The film, directed by Ratner, was released in 2006, a year before the film Juno was released and Page became a household name, and years before Page came out in a 2014 speech to HRC.

“I was a young adult who had not yet come out to myself,” Page wrote on Facebook, referring to when she was acting in X-Men. “I knew I was gay, but did not know, so to speak.”

During the reception, Page wrote that Ratner was talking to a woman who was ten years older than her and standing next to her. He pointed to Page and said, “You should fuck her to make her realize she’s gay.”

“I looked down at my feet, didn’t say a word and watched as no one else did either,” Page wrote. “This man, who had cast me in the film, started our months of filming at a work event with this horrific, unchallenged plea.”

Anna Paquin, who played “Rogue” in the same X-Men movie, said that she heard the comment too.

Page said it was just the first example of Ratner’s abusive behavior at work. She said he also made a comment about a co-worker’s “flappy pussy.” She said she was also castigated when she refused to wear a “Team Ratner” T-shirt.

Ratner has been accused by several other actresses of sexual harassment, assault, and rape. A former employee at a talent agency said that she was raped by Ratner, and he is now suing her for libel. Actress Olivia Munn said that he masturbated in front of her in a trailer on the set of a film in 2004.

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