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5 great LGBT Twitter activists you need to know

5 great LGBT Twitter activists you need to know
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How can you change the world? Start with just 140 characters. Despite Twitter’s reputation for exposing the darkness of the human soul, there are some powerful points of light to be found among the tweets. Look long enough and you’ll find an army of queer activists doing their best to make the planet a better place to live for as long as we’re here.

We’ve rounded up some stars of Twitter activism for you to follow. Check out their work, let them know your thoughts, and get engaged.

1. Amy Siskin

Amy runs the nonprofit The New Agenda, which fights for equality for women and girls. She keeps the patriarchy on its toes by advocating for what’s right.

2. Meyrude

A super-fun force to follow, Meyrude lives in LA and writes about music and trans issues for Autostraddle. She’s also a comic nerd – fabulous! – and speaks with authority on bisexuality, trans, and Chicana issues.

3. Tanya DePass

Do you need diverse games? (Trick question – yes, we all do.) Tanya has dedicated her life to making sure everyone is welcome in gaming. Thanks to her work, game companies that want to do better can learn why it matters when players see themselves on screen.

4. Eric Grant

Eric keeps on top of progressive politics so you don’t have to. It’s like he has a sixth sense for knowing where injustice is happening, because he calls it out before most people are even aware that it’s happening. And once an issue is on his radar and he’s making noise, people listen.

5. Andrés Duque

For years, he’s been blogging as Blabbeando about the important issues of our times. And now Andrés is tracking political, social, and humanitarian issues all over the world on Twitter. Give him a follow and you’ll never miss a beat.

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