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Televangelist Jim Bakker went to the White House & his story to viewers is dubious

Disgraced televangelist Jim Bakker, who has turned to hawking “End Times” buckets of gloop meant to sustain viewers through the Apocalypse on Christian television, went to the White House last week and he told his viewers a story that is about as unbelievable as a pregnant virgin.

Dozens of evangelical leaders gathered at the White House on the day that Anthony Scaramucci, the renegade Communications Director, was fired by incoming Chief-of-Staff John Kelly. Of course, Bakker claims that the gaggle of conservatives were responsible for the foul-mouthed Trump lackey’s fall from grace – despite the confirmed reporting that Scaramucci’s ouster was Kelly’s top priority after taking charge.

But how did it happen? Bakker claims that at the moment Scaramucci was getting the axe, George O. Wood, the head the General Council of the Assemblies of God, was castigating White House staff against “unnecessary swearing.”

“The president has asked for the pastors, the leaders of Christianity, to come and advise them,” Baker said. What a wonderful opportunity for a president who believes only in the power of television to exploit the egos of a group of people who have also cashed in by exploiting the gullible via TV.

His wife, Lori, told viewers that “the reason for the meeting was so that he can get the group of Christian leaders that have a platform to share the truth of what’s really going on that you don’t get to hear in the media.”

Apparently “what’s really going on” is that a Pentecostal minister chided low-level staffers because other people used naughty language. No wonder he had to throw in some supernatural glory to that story. Otherwise it wouldn’t have been good TV, would it?

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