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IN lawmaker introduces anti-transgender bill to ban birth certificate changes

Anti-transgender legislation introduced Thursday in Indiana would ban transgender Hoosiers from making changes to their birth certificate to match their authentic gender, potentially leading to discrimination and other problems, according to Freedom Indiana.

Elvis Bruce Borders
Bruce Borders

As WISH-TV reported, State Rep. Bruce Borders, a Republican, is the author of the bill, House Bill 1361. He is also an Elvis impersonator.

Indiana’s Division of Vital Statistics will currently correct gender markers on a birth certificate, provided a court order is issued. But that would be outlawed by HB 1361, which states:

“Provides that, subject to certain exceptions, the gender listed on an individual’s birth certificate and permanent record made from the birth certificate may not be changed.”

Freedom Indiana sent an email blast to its members and supporters, calling for action to stop the bill before it moves forward.

“Having a birth certificate that matches a person’s gender is an important step that is needed before obtaining a correct driver’s license, identification card, Social Security card, passport and other documents that are used in everyday life,” said Chris Paulsen to WISH.

“House Bill 1361 also creates a permanent record, that could be used to target transgender individuals for discrimination and harassment.”

Freedom Indiana has posted a pledge online for opponents of the bill to sign. Click here to view and add your name.

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