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Jewish gay activist slashed with razor blades by Neo-Nazis in shocking attack

arce stabbing
Jorge Arce got 40 stitches after being attacked by Neo-Nazis in a park.Photo: Twitter

A Jewish and gay activist in Chile was attacked with a razor blade by three men with neo-Nazi symbols, the Times of Israel reports.

Jorge Arce says he was walking in a park while wearing a T-shirt with the Israeli flag when he was attacked. The attackers punched him several times and cut him on the arms and legs while shouting “murderer.”

“I had 40 stitches on my arm. Some will be forever. Just for being Jewish. The pain overwhelms me,” he told the Movement for Integration and Homosexual Liberation (MOVILH). The group called the attack “an anti-Semitic and homophobic aggression.”

“We repudiate this attack of hate, which deserves all legal and social sanction. Of course we will support the legal actions that the Jewish community decides to initiate, who have always supported and shown solidarity with the victims of homophobia,” MOVILH said on its website.

Arce was a member of Hod Jews for Diversity, an LGBT Jewish group.

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