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D.C. businesses pledge inauguration weekend profits to LGBTQ causes

D.C. businesses pledge inauguration weekend profits to LGBTQ causes
Aveda's Logan 14 salon is one of the businesses participating in the All In Service fundraising campaign.Photo: All In Service via Instagram

Dozens of restaurants, bars, and other businesses are pledging to donate some of the profits from Inauguration weekend to local organizations serving the community.

Organized by a group of service industry workers called All In Service, the campaign seeks to the counter divisiveness and fear sparked by the presidential campaign by giving back to those most likely to suffer under President-elect Donald Trump’s administration — including women and LGBTQ people.

Creating inclusive spaces, the group says, is a fundamental of hospitality.

“Inauguration weekend is always an incredible event with hundreds of thousands of visitors,”All in Service representative Sarah Massey told MUNCHIES. “So we looked at how we could take this opportunity, while we’re in the national spotlight, to showcase our community and what a great, diverse service industry we have.”

Patronage of participating businesses will support organizations including The Trevor Project, The DC Center for LGBTQ Community, Human Rights Campaign, Whitman-Walker Health, Planned Parenthood, and the ACLU, among many others.

“This campaign is about love and compassion for our diverse community,” Massey says. “That includes our incredible patrons and customers, our workforce that lives here, and our greater community as a whole.”

The list of participants is growing an can be searched by neighborhood. Each listing indicates which nonprofit the business plans to support.

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