Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson: Hillary is winning because Satan controls Democrats

Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson made an appearance on “Breitbart News Daily” earlier this week to pitch his new documentary Torchbearer and let loose with a doozy of demonic conspiracy theories. Hillary Clinton is stomping Donald Trump in the race for president because Satan controls the Democratic Party according to everyone’s favorite evangelical redneck.

“Our founding fathers warned us repeatedly to never let this day come, but the day has now come upon us. I mean, think about it. The Democratic Party on [inaudible] when Barack Obama ran, they literally booed God out of the Democratic Party. I mean, not only ran Him out and took His name out of their platform, they booed Him out,” Robertson said. “So, you get what you ask for, so here we are. So the bottom line is, [when someone said they] entertain the thought of maybe voting for Hillary Clinton, I said, they ran God out of the Democratic Party. She has a hard time telling the truth because the Evil One is the Father of Lies, according to Jesus, and she’s living proof of it, my man.”

Robertson narrates Torchbearer, a film directed by Breitbart chairman turned Trump campaign CEO Steve Bannon. The evangelical propaganda flick franticly declares the end of “religious freedom” in America because Jesus hates civil rights.

Former Family Research Council vice president Ken Klukowski reviewed the movie for, where else?, Breitbart, saying it is “a clarion call for Christians and people of faith in America to engage their culture before it’s too late.”

The documentary details some of the best known Christian martyrs and then takes a political turn as it moves into modern history. Instead of being put to death, modern laws are killing Christians by forcing business owning believers to serve the public. Almost all of the examples of recent outrages are related to LGBT issues or women’s rights.

“Several of these cases arose just in the past year, and some are still in court today, or are about to go to court. And these are only a fraction of the current struggles going on in America involving observant Christians and people of other faiths,” Klukowski writes. “I should know. In addition to being an editor for Breitbart News, I’m a senior attorney at First Liberty Institute, the law firm representing each one of these committed Christians who are suffering what some could call ‘soft persecution’ – nonviolent yet severe personal consequences – because they will not compromise their faith in what they say or how they live their lives.”

In case you’re having issues following along… Phil Robertson (who has endorsed Donald Trump for President and wants to be his spiritual advisor) disparages Hillary Clinton on Breitbart in an interview about a new movie directed and written by Trump’s campaign CEO – who also runs the website interviewing Robertson. A Breitbart editor, who moonlights as an anti-LGBT activist lawyer for the people portrayed as modern martyrs in the movie, thinks it’s great and urges people to go watch it beition Day.

Watch the trailer below. Audio of Robertson’s appearance is beneath the video.

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