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Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson wants to be Trump’s spiritual advisor

Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson is making more wild claims and giving listeners a peek into his innermost dreams. Robertson wants to “convert Mr. Trump” to Christianity and become his spiritual advisor according to Right Wing Watch.

According to Robertson, the rise of ISIS, a middle eastern terrorist organization, is directly due to legal abortion in the United States.

“We’ve killed 60 million of our own children,” he said on famed wingnut Colorado state lawmaker Gordon Klingenschmitt’s radio program “Pray In Jesus Name.” “ISIS is saying to us, ‘Well, if you didn’t think your own children were worth anything, why do you think we’re worried about what your life is worth? We don’t think you’re worth anything, that’s why we’re killing you. Just like you kill your children, that’s why we kill you. We don’t think you’re worth anything.'”

“If we could have stood there and told them, ‘No, to us life is precious,'” Robertson told the host, but “we lost the moral high ground.”

Moving on to the presidential election, Robertson says he’ll vote for Trump, but only because he doesn’t like Democrat Hillary Clinton. While Trump has disastrously attempted to bolster his Christian bonafides, Robertson wasn’t impressed. While conservative Christians have lined up behind the candidate following a mass meeting with evangelical and religious right leaders, earlier gaffes have caused many to view his newfound religious fervor with suspicion.

Robertson, for his part, thinks Trump’s conversion is a sham for the cameras. He told Klingenschmitt being “born again” is like a “get out of jail free” card for bad behavior. That could help him win the election, he said.

“If he but be born again, he could then tell them, ‘That’s the old me, I’ve been born again, this is the new Donald Trump,'” Robertson said.

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