Channing Tatum previews Magic Mike Live on Ellen DeGeneres show


Ellen DeGeneres made a lot of women and gay men happy with her guests on yesterday’s show as Channing Tatum stopped by to preview his new Magic Mike Live male strip show. The revue will premiere in Las Vegas in March and the cast is working (rock) hard to prepare.

Joined by a phalanx of pediatric nurses, Tatum told Ellen that he wanted the show to be “empowering” and “equal opportunity objectification.”

“I had a friend that had a girlfriend who went to Vegas and went to some of the male revues there and she didn’t tell my buddy about it and he’s like ‘Why didn’t you tell me?’ She was embarrassed. She was like ‘I don’t know, it just wasn’t cool’,” he said. “We just thought let’s go make something cool. Let’s go make something really for you guys and hopefully we’re going to be able to do that.”

The audience members all got a free stay at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino and tickets to the show when it opens.

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