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Trump will address anti-LGBT group on anniversary of Pulse shooting

Trump will address anti-LGBT group on anniversary of Pulse shooting
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Both Donald Trump and Marco Rubio will address a radical anti-LGBT event on the two month anniversary of the mass shooting at a gay nightclub in Orlando – and they’ll do it blocks away from where it happened.

“In attending this vehemently anti-LGBT event, Trump continues to show he is truly a danger to the LGBT community,” said Eliel Cruz, Executive Director of Faith In America. “He isn’t savvy enough to understand how he’s being manipulated by the organizers of this conference. It is reported organizers of the event want to ask Trump about how he plans to combat ‘homosexual totalitarianism.’ Trump will probably nod his head and say ‘yes’ to any anti-LGBT requests made at the conference as his campaign is driven by his ego and he’ll do anything, including courting the most anti-LGBT voices, to become president.”

Former presidential candidate Marco Rubio will also speak to the group. Rubio is currently running for the Senate and has been under fire for his decision to attend.

The “Rediscovering God in America” event is sponsored by the American Renewal Project, a group that advocates for pastors to run for political office and mobilize conservative Christians. The founder, David Lane, is well known for his outrageous and offensive statements about LGBT people.

According to Right Wing Watch, Lane has said that “homosexuals praying at the Inauguration” in 2012 would cause “car bombs in Los Angeles, Washington D.C. and Des Moines, Iowa” as a sign of God’s judgment and that the “pagan onslaught” of the LGBT rights movement will lead to the destruction of America.

The rest of the speaker’s list is a Who’s Who of anti-LGBT activists and hate group leaders.

Trump held a meeting with evangelical Christian leaders in June to gain their support. The philandering politician, who has been married and divorced multiple times, has been viewed with skepticism based on his lack of knowledge about the Bible or basic Christian doctrine.

While the GOP candidate has waffled back and forth on LGBT issues, since the meeting he has taken a more hardline stance – including picking Indiana Governor Mike Pence, one of the country’s most vociferous anti-gay politicians, as his running mate.

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