Watch this minister when she hears parents trying to de-gay their son

The reality show What Would You Do regularly features ordinary people reacting to controversial staged situations and, for the most part, proves that Americans aren’t as generally cowardly or jaded as we expect. They’ve done several segments on LGBT people – what would do if you heard a woman berating her child after they come out as transgender, what would you do if you heard a bully picking on kids with gay dads, etc – and this episode, while predictable, is still incredibly heartwarming.

This time the set up is two parents who refuse to accept that their child is gay and have brought along a pastor to pray away the gay. Atlanta’s Mary Mac’s Tearoom is the location for this episode and when one woman overhears what’s going on, she knows she can’t stay silent.

Watch as the female minister steps in to confront the parents with some words of wisdom.

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