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NBA: No decision made on moving All-Star Game out of Charlotte yet

LAS VEGAS (AP) — NBA owners made no decision Tuesday after a lengthy debate about moving next year’s All-Star Game from Charlotte because of North Carolina’s law limiting protection for LGBT people.

Commissioner Adam Silver said no vote was taken at the Board of Governors meeting, but the league realizes a decision has to come fairly quickly. He said he was personally disappointed North Carolina legislators didn’t modify the law enough in recent weeks to make the discussion moot.

“We feel this law is inconsistent with the core values of the league,” Silver said.

Silver said the NBA was put in a situation not entirely its own making because the law was enacted by North Carolina’s legislature after the 2017 All-Star Game was already awarded to Charlotte.

He added that the game is important for the league in ways that aren’t always shown on the court.

“The primary test for us is under this law whether we can successfully host our All-Star week,” he said. “It is more than a game, it is a week full of activities in North Carolina. The question for us becomes in this situation, given the controversy, given the amount of discussion, given how hardened the views are, is this the place we should be in 2017, at the epicenter of global basketball where we can go celebrate our game and our values.”

Silver did not say when a decision would be made on possibly moving the game, but that the clock is ticking.

“We’re not trying to keep everybody in suspense,” he said. “We realize this decision has to be made very quickly.”

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