Hate group leader claims Republican Party formed to fight gay marriage

Hate group leader claims Republican Party formed to fight gay marriage

American Family Association spokesman Bryan Fischer has taken a hysterical stand against all of the pro-LGBT positions taken by the Republican Party during their convention.

Wait? What’s that? The Party passed the most vociferously anti-queer platform in history? So what! An openly gay conservative billionaire spoke on stage!!

Allowing a gay person to speak to Republican delegates spells doom for the Party, Fischer says. It’s a betrayal of everything the Party was founded to fight against. You know, like slavery. And same-sex marriage. (No one tell him that the first Republican president, Abraham Lincoln, had a thing for sleeping with his male friends.)

Someone grab the smelling salts and roll out the fainting couch, Fischer’s about to need it.

Last night was a dark and perhaps fatal night for the once noble Republican Party. For prior to last night, the rivers flowing from the mountain tops of the GOP flowed majestically in the direction of natural marriage, normative sexuality, and the natural family. The Republican Party was founded not only to fight against slavery but to fight against the corruption of the institution of marriage. It was founded to fight for marriage as the union of one man and one woman. Last night it utterly and perhaps permanently abandoned that cause.

After last night, the rivers are now flowing with the irresistible pull of gravity in the direction of non-normative sexuality and the embrace of behavior which deviates alarmingly from God’s design for humanity. From this day forward, the party is dedicated to the embrace of “shameless acts” which are “contrary to nature”.

Peter Thiel, a Silicon Valley powerhouse and co-founder of PayPal, struck the first blow against sexual normalcy by declaring “I am proud to be gay. I am proud to be a Republican. But most of all I am proud to be an American.”…

All in all, it was a very sobering evening for those of us who deeply care about the moral fiber of this land, and grieve its departure from its Judeo-Christian moorings. The GOP and its leadership crossed the Rubicon last night and committed itself irretrievably to the advance of the homosexual agenda. We must resist this advance with all the energy within us, but the outcome became much less certain last night. The enemy is no longer at the gates, he is inside the gates. May God help us all.

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